Ganta ETU Appeals For Help…As Cases Reduce In The County

By Solomon T. Gaye

The Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Ganta, Nimba County is making an SOS call to local and International NGOs operating in the Country to help the unit with food and drugs.

Dr. PayeGbanmie said there are 14 orphans presently living in Ganta whose parents were killed by the virus. He said the children need care and education.

Dr. Gbeanmie told this paper that at present the Ebola rate has reduced for the past few weeks and that there have been no new cases.

Ebola according to medical reports killed more than 235 People in Nimba is report going down in the six Political Districts in the County.

Also speaking to this paper in Ganta, the Administrator at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital Victor Taryor confirmed the reduction of the virus

During the month of September and October 2014 more than 50,000 persons escaped from the commercial City of Ganta and went into hiding for fear of contracting the deadly Ebola Virus.

Ebola killed more people in various communities in Ganta such as LPRC, LPMC and the BOE Community were a man who claimed to have cure for the virus also died from the Virus.

For the past 30 days now the ambulance that was frequently seen taking away Ebola victims has not been seen because of the success in combatting the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, Administrator Taryor has warned citizens in the County to continue to observe the preventive measure as Ebola is around and it is still soon to rejoice.