China Gives More Assistance

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Chinese Government has again promised to send over 1,000 medical workers and experts to West Africa in the coming months in its latest bid to aid African countries fight against the Ebola virus.

According to the report from the Chinese Embassy in Monrovia, a team of 12 Public Health Trainers will in the soonest time leave for Sierra Leone to aid the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

The team will comprise of virus testing experts from China’s National Disease Control Center-CNDCC, and another team of High Commissioners from the Chinese government at least to coordinate the country’s assisting forces and will also set off later this month.

In the months to come, more than 1,000 Medical Workers and Public Health Experts will be sent by China to assist in the fight against Ebola in West African countries.

Currently, China has sent a total of 252 people to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three hardest-hit countries, and there are still 134 people who are currently working there.

The Commission’s document said controlling the spread of the disease will be one focus in future assistance, with experience in prevention and control during the SARS epidemic.

Meanwhile, Chinese trainers will help provide training for local medical workers, grassroots administrators, community leaders, government staff, students and volunteers in the three countries and neighboring countries at risk for the epidemic.