Budgetary Constraint Hampers LIPA’s Operations…Says Director General Nyemah

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Director General of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA), OblayonNyemah, has spoken strongly on the gaps in government that led to an experience of budgetary constraints in LIPA.

In an exclusive interview with him, he said the LIPA has had lots of constraints and since the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country it has had deeper budgetary constraints.

Mr. Nyemah said LIPA is faced with logistical constraints, stating that for over five years there have been no vehicles for senior directors as well as for the staffers in general.

Mr. Nyemah stated further that the LIPA is trying to give civil servants an approach that compasses steps and glades adding that all civil and public servants once recruited must benefit from orientation about the Civil Service Standing Order, Procurement Laws, Code of Order and other courses before going for confirmation and employment.

He said, “If we want to see an effective, efficient and honest civil servant, they must pass through the walls of LIPA like it is done in other West African countries.”

Mr. Nyemah expressed that there are too much disruptions and interruptions in the country and the democracy of governance has cast dark cloud on some of the unique practices.

He concluded that the LIPA needs funds to carry on its operation to assist in making the country’s civil servants better like it is with others around the world.