Liberian Family In U.S. Donates Medical Items

Liberian Family In U.S. Donates Medical Items

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

Medline, a partner of the Liberia medical relief, in partnership with surgeon Kelvin and his wife, Natu Strathy, based in the United States of America have extended humanitarian gesture to Liberia’s health sector.

Turning over the Strathy’s third consignment of assorted medical supplies to Liberia’s health care delivery in the country mainly for the fight against the Ebola virus, Montserrado County District # 6 Representative, Edwin Snowe, said the gesture is based on an observation of the dire need to restore Liberia’s health sector.

Representative Snowe explained how Dr. Strathy and his wife visited Liberia sometime ago and performed several plastic surgeries; and because of the love they developed for the country and seeing that Ebola has again crippled the sector, they decided to support Liberia through other partners as their way of also identifying with the Ebola fight.

He narrated how the 40-foot container of consignment of medical supplies brings to three the number of huge and needed assorted items shipped into the country to be used by health practitioners with the most recent consignment distributed this time to the direct beneficiaries which include the Redemption Hospital, JFK Medical Center, Benson Hospital, Snapper Hill Clinic, ELWA ETU, Phebe Hospital, Tubmanburg Government Hospital, and Catholic Hospital respectively.

Representative Snowe said the items are mostly in the fight against the Ebola virus and will be used at the various ETUs including the one set up at the JFK which is now relocated and added that the process is continuous because the donation is from people of good will which does not tag any specific monetary value instead it carries a significant human value to save the lives of people.

He identified the medical items intended to restore Liberia’s basic health services to include laboratory equipment, dental materials, germicidal ultra bleach and disposable wipes, surgeon hoods, first aid antiseptic, alcohol, masks, towels, exam gloves and bath tissues.

Other items intended to upgrade the health sector and fight Ebola in the county were hand sanitizers, disinfectants wipes, isolation and protective gowns, multi purpose sprayer, a sophisticated X-ray machine and shoe covers, lactated ringer’s injection among others. “This is not just for the fight against Ebola but also a restoration of the health care delivery system,” Rep. Snow added.

Receiving medical supplies for the Catholic Hospital, the retired Catholic Administrator; Dr. Lilly Sanvee said her only advice to Liberians is that they must be disciplined, clean and learn to obey because the fight against Ebola is associated only with discipline.

She said if it must be eradicated successfully, instructions already provided by the health sector need to be keenly applied because the fight against Ebola is for everyone therefore everyone must abide by the health regulations and awareness.

On behalf of the Tubmanburg Government Hospital in Bomi County, Dr. Logan described the items provided as being very useful especially during the fight of the Ebola virus and stressed that although cases of Ebola are reducing but that is not enough reason for Liberians to rejoice.

He said new cases are coming which suggests that some people are still into denial and that continuous awareness including the routine handwashing and obeying of the health messages are very important at this critical time. Dr. Logan also included coordination which according to him is good coordination among the health authority and the county officials with UNMIL aiding him in producing more Ebola survivors.