Sinoe County Divided Over Corruption Report?

Sinoe County Divided Over Corruption Report?

Information reaching the INQUIRER indicates that Sinoe County is divided over the recent Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) recent report which indicted Superintendent J. Milton Teahjay on alleged corruption charges.

Consequently, a former student leader from the county is calling on the LACC to go into detail on ground that said indictment from the LACC of Superintendent Teahjay is not comprehensive and exhibit the fact that there is “an invisible hand at play”’ in the form of political maneuvering to tarnish the good image of Superintendent Teahjay.

According to a Press statement issued the INQUIRER yesterday, Mr. A. WorwinNyonbe, former Secretary General of the Concerned Sinoe University Students questioned the authenticity of the corruption allegation against Teahjay noting that because the report is not comprehensive, the people of Sinoe are now divided.

Mr. Nyonbe said as a member of the intellectual class of Sinoe County, he was expressing his reservation on the recent LACC audit report which indicted Superintendent.

Mr. Nyonbe especially commented a portion of the report which spoke of the illegal rubber tappers and the quantity of rubber they abandoned during the period of their eviction by state security, the Kunwiah Clinic Construction project and the Diyankpo Project among others.

The former student leader who is an instructor in the county said one of the major achievements of Mr. Teahjay was the eviction of illegal rubber tappers from the plantation thus creating stability in that region of the country.

He said it is then unfortunate that the LACC statutory function can cover illegal, chaotic and lawless ventures.

Mr. Nyonbe said he was also speaking to re-enforce the position statement of Sinoe Senator Joseph N. Nagbe who had proposed that the LACC report on the county’s development funds is not holistic and lacks the due comprehensive detail.

He further noted that the report of the Project Management Committee (PMC) of the county by its Chairman Mr. BenjueMacculley to the people of Sinoe on the 2007-2008 county development project, it was investigated by the student community of the county that such report lacked the basis of truth as such was misleading relative to the completion status of these projects.

He said during the investigation of the Sinoe Student Union, in 2008, it was discovered and established that Senator Mobutu Nyenpan has direct link with the New Venture Construction Firm which according to the PMC report was contracted to undertake the Voogbadi and the Saygbeken School Projects which total cost is put at US$60,000. He said these projects are yet to be implemented.

Mr. Nyonbe said in reaction to Senator Nyenpan’s involvement in these failed projects, the Concerned Sinoe University Students issued a press statement at the time requesting for a vote of no-confidence in Senator Nyenpan.

He further said the two most recent projects; the Kunwiah and Diyankpo mentioned by the LACC were contracted to Mr. Stephen Sarploh Construction Firm, a county officer for Senator Nyenpan.

Mr. Nyonbe said as these projects failed in Mr. Sarploh’s hands, Senator Nyepan withdrew him and reassigned him in his Capitol Building office.

The former student leader said he strongly condemns corrupt practices by public officials and that it is expedient that positive path to justice must be cleared. He said, “In this direction, he strongly observes and believes that the indictment of J. Milton Teahjay has invisible hands. But let me make a statement with emphasis that Mr. Teahjay will be elected.”