LIPA Director Raps On Gaps In Government

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration’s Director General, Oblayon B. Neymah, Sr. has spoken strongly on what he calls gaps in the national government and budgetary constraints being faced by LIPA.

Director Nyemah made this statement recently at the Ministry of Finance & Planning Staff Orientation Workshop Course held at LIPA in Monrovia.

He said gaps in national government had been used as a means of sending people abroad to be trained and fill those gaps and that the process of training professional people should live on to help the country meet international standard.

Director Nyemah urged all trainees to take on the challenge of being principle directors because in other countries they are the top civil servants. “You are the ones the country depends on to make decisions. It is not the political leaders because they are not stable,” he intimated.

He said they are trying to give the Civil Servants an approach that compasses steps and glades because there are numbers of factors that make up a good Civil Servant; one can have the academic qualification but cannot have the skill set to do a practical piece of job.

Director Nyemah said ministers and directors can be dismissed by the will and pleasure of the President at any time but civil servants are protected by standing by laws so they cannot just be fired because they are the technocrats in the country.

He stated that the objective of the exercise is to provide understanding of civil servants’ environment and make it clear that the civil servant builds a unique institution that protects the governance system of every country and it has to function with human beings and not machines.

He said all civil servants once recruited should benefit from orientation so that they can know what they are working into. He said it is a system that the country had but due to the many disruptions and interruptions in the country, governance of democracy has a big question mark on some of the unique practices.

Director Nyemah concluded that LIPA has been restricted to carry on operations due to financial constraints that the institution is faced with and since the Ebola outbreak the LIPA has had a deeper constraint.