Chief Justice Urges Judges

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Chief Justice of the country Francis S. Korkpor, Sr over the weekend urged judges in the country to play their roles in line with laws guarding every citizen and foreign nationals.   Chief Justice Korkpor made this statement in Monrovia at a recent induction ceremony held at the Temple of Justice.

He said, “I am pleased to perform this duty of the President. It is not a mistake to induct Mr. Willie into office. You have graduated from a trainer to a Resident Circuit Judge”.

Justice Korkpor stated that being a trainer is one thing and being a magistrate is another thing. He said when one has been inducted as a judge he/ she decides the faith of another person something he described as a huge responsibility.

He said, “What a judge does or fails to do within the law governing the people will have reflection on the Judiciary and all that I hope for is a positive reflection”.

Justice Korkpor added that a judge must be fair, prudent, have patience, and must be respectful to maintan their integrity.

He said, “If I tell you to handle a case the way it should not be, tell me if you are in line with the law and I want you go contrary to it”.

For his part Roosevelt Z. Willie who was inducted as Resident Circuit Judge Criminal Court “A” said the Human Right defendant lawyer and a renowned lawyer advocating before the court should take the responsibility in representing the legal interest of their clients seriously.

Judge Willie said a judge should not use the court as a means to exploit money from clients and asserted that as a judge every person before the court should be treated equally so that the law can be executed to the letter.

He concluded that a Human Right Judge must be transparent not only for things and materials that are interested to them but also for the power dedicated to them (Judges).