PYESE Identifies With Five Communities

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Potential Youth For Education and Societal Empowerment (PYESE) of District # 15 has given assorted Ebola materials to five communities within the district.

In an interview with the PYESE president, Prince Powo, said due to the Ebola outbreak in the country, objectives are not only limited to carrying on development and prioritizing youth empowerment.

Mr. Powo added that PYESE sees it necessary to buttress government’s effort to carry on awareness of Ebola and education that is relative to Ebola to the common people.

He said one does not have to use a million dollars to carry on Ebola awareness and that the situation of Ebola is declining and Ebola will be defeated if all Liberians adhere to those preventive measures pronounced by the Health Ministry in collaboration with the WHO.

He said, “One should not relax and say Ebola cases are diminishing, so let me forget everything and live the way I used to live because the deadly Ebola virus can escalate again”.

Mr. Powo stated further that Liberians should keep up with the practice to help make the country free of this diabolic Ebola virus.