28 Charged With Murder In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye

Police in Tappita, lower Nimba County, have arrested and charged with murder 28 persons in connection with the death of a 55-year old man allegedly flogged to death.

According to report, victim Sammy Mansuo met his untimely death in Zuorplay Town, lower Nimba County early Sunday, October 25, 2014, after a group of unknown men stormed his residence and took him to the Poro Society bush.

The report further stated that, the victim, late Samuel Mansuo was tied to a tree, tortured and bitterly flogged to death by his adversaries belonging to the Poro Society in Zuorplay, Doe Clan, Tappita District, Nimba County.

Speaking to this paper, the District Commissioner, Sam Napa Wehyee, explained that, on Sunday, October 25, 2014, the men (members of the Poro Society) fined two boys of the town with a goat and two bowls of prepared rice for abusing and disturbing people all around the town.

Commissioner Sam Wehyee further stated that one of the boys paid the fine according to the customs and tradition, while the other boy refused to pay, thus prompting the Poro Society members to arrest the father of the boy; late Sammy Mansuo, and took him to the society bush where he was found dead.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Anthony Karney via mobile phone confirmed the arrest of the men and charged them with murder in connection with the death of Sammy Mansuo.

Flogging people to death by members of the Poro Society in Nimba County is a common practice, making it second of series of incidents occurring in the area in less than a year. Early 2012, a Government teacher was flogged to death in Lao Clan after being accused of ‘Heart-man’ activities in the clan.