I’m Fed Up With Corruption Allegation…Says Clemenceau Urey

The former Chairman of the Board of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), Clemenceau Urey has said that he is fed up with his name constantly appearing in the newspapers and on the airwaves about this allegation where individuals who do not know me personally, make loose and negative remarks about my character which I have strived to build over the years.

Reacting to a recent statement by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), as one of those listed for prosecution, Mr. Urey in a press statement urged the LACC to “therefore, proceed expeditiously with your prosecution so I can be given the opportunity to clear my name,.”

“LACC’S decision to recommend me for prosecution for corruption is clearly politically motivated because it obviously has no legal or factual bases and I can assure Mr. Verdier that I will not stand by and be used as a political scapegoat to further the political aims of others, “he said. .

He said since this LACC investigation began, he was able to “obtain the list of all the members of the Legislature who received the NOCAL payments and the individual amount each received. Attorney Verdier, why did you intentionally and deliberately refuse to also recommend ALL the members of the Legislature who solicited the payment as well as those who received the NOCAL payments?”

He argued that since it is a recognized and undisputed principle of criminal law that the persons who demand and receive illegal payments are equally, if not more guilty than the giver, why did the LACC recommendation for prosecution not include all those who solicited, as well as those who received the NOCAL payments? Had LACC done so, this would have set the proper example and send a clear message that all who are connected with and request and receive illegal payments will be subject to criminal prosecution.

He went on: “Given these facts I fail to see how LACC can justify its decision to recommend me for prosecution and at the same time exclude the main persons who should be prosecuted.”