Female Journalists Donate To ETU

The Female Journalist Association of Liberia (FeJAL) yesterday donated assorted items to the Ebola Treatment Unit at the Island Clinic for Ebola patients.

Presenting the assorted items, FeJAL’s Coordinator, TonwonSulanteh Brown said FeJAL thought it wise to join the Government of Liberia and its partners in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus because the Government can not fight this disease alone.

Madam Brown said that it’s FeJAL’s prayer that the Ebola virus will be contained and that Liberia and Liberians will be free again. She praised the health workers at the clinic saying that they are heroes and heroines because they are the ones at the front fighting this toxic disease.

She mentioned that as journalists inform the public about the danger of the virus they are also informing the public about the good work health workers are doing. According to her, survivors’ stories have been told to the public by the media.

Receiving the assorted items, the Liberian doctor at Island Clinic, Dr. Williamatta Williams-Gibson thanked FeJAL and said that she and her staffs are grateful for the donation. She stressed that the patients are also grateful because they need more fluid in their body to recover.

She praised FeJAL saying that she is glad that they are not only informing the public about the preventive measures that one needs to take but that they are also caring for those who are infected with the disease.

Dr. Gibson said the patients eat three times a day and that they are well taken care of at the Ebola Treatment Center. Looking at the team she said she was happy to meet credible journalists who are doing all they could to inform the public about the fight against the deadly virus.