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Emulating The Good Example Of Lofa

LOFA COUNTY, THE epicenter of the vicious Ebola virus is expected to be Ebola-free soon with just six remaining cases at the largest Ebola Treatment Center (ETU) in Foya, Lofa County. However, MSF has warned of cross-border activities as the virus has reached its highest peak in neighboring Guinea.

PRESIDENT ELLEN-JOHNSON-SIRLEAF who visited several health facilities in the county was informed by health workers in the county that the rate of Ebola has significantly decreased with just six recorded cases at the ETU in Lofa County.

SERGE ST. LOUIS, MSF Project Coordinator in Lofa disclosed that there have been no new cases in the past three weeks. He said there were ten patients at the ETU in the entire Lofa County over the past three weeks but has decreased to only six since Monday.

HOWEVER, ST. LOUIS has warned of cross-border activities calling on government to be vigilant as the Ebola virus has reached its highest peak along the Liberian-Guinean border. Report says Massanta and Geikaydou near the Liberian border are the highest hit towns in recent times.

LATEST REPORT SUGGESTS that Ebola is raging in Gaikaydou and Massanta close to the Liberian border, hence health observers say for Lofa to be completely clear of the deadly Ebola virus, Liberia’s borders must remain closed with other affected neighboring countries.

THE DECREASE IN the rate of Ebola in Lofa County, the epicenter of the deadly virus is indeed a welcoming news something that is worth emulating. Just a month back, Lofa County recorded the highest rate of Ebola deaths with no sign of reduction in the spread of the virus. As a result the virus overwhelmed Lofa and the entire county thus creating fear in the minds of Liberians.

BUT LATEST NEWS emanating from the northern county suggests that the virus has significantly decreased in the county with just six reported cases of Ebola at the largest ETU in Foya. This, we think is due to the efforts being applied by the county health authorities and the citizens themselves who are taking every necessary preventive measures to eradicate the vicious disease in their county.

WITH THIS LATEST development in Lofa, we are calling on other counties to emulate the good example of Lofa by applying every necessary measure in ensuring that the virus is eradicated in our country. Ebola can be kicked out of Liberia by applying all the health measures by the citizens themselves in the remaining counties to stop further spread of the virus.

WE BELIEVE THAT if all of the measures are taken as being done in Lofa County, Liberia will be free of the deadly virus in a month or two months time. Let us stop touching dead bodies or people who are acutely sick, let’s continue to wash our hands regularly and follow other preventive measures as being done by the citizens of Lofa County if we are to join that county in kicking out Ebola from the rest of the counties.

ON THE OTHER hand, while we appreciate the fact that the spread of the virus has subsided in Lofa and other counties, we are calling on the Government of Liberia to ensure that Liberia’s borders with neighboring countries affected by Ebola be tightened to avoid further spread of the virus in that county.

LOFA HAS DONE well in the fight against the virus and so we expect other counties to follow the good example of the county by ensuring that all of the preventive measures are followed to the letter. If that is done, Ebola will be a history in our country in the shortest possible time.

LET US KICK Ebola out of Liberia by emulating the good example of Lofa County, the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak that is now becoming Ebola-free. This can only be done if we are willing to prevent ourselves against the virus.



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