Ellen Is Disrespected Because Of Her Sex…Former Dep. Police Boss Asserts

Ellen Is Disrespected Because Of Her Sex…Former Dep. Police Boss Asserts

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Former Deputy Commissioner of Liberia National Police for Crimes Services Department, now a Liberian Businessman and President of City Construction Company, Mr. Sam Saryon says sexism persisting in Liberia is disrespectful and disgusting to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who deserves respect as Head of State of Liberia.

Mr. Saryon disclosed that it is disheartening, discouraging, frustrating, and unprofessional to see people disrespecting the presidency and calling on various radio stations in a discourteous manner criticizing President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf destructively because she is a female but that is unfair and that women should be respected at all times.

Speaking at the Snapper Hill Social and Intellectual Organization of AmadouHataiBoari (SHIOAHB) in Monrovia, Mr. Saryon disclosed that in his own opinion men should change their attitudes and they must disrespect the presidency. “Just imagine if you tune your radio in the morning; you will hear people calling from different communities and criticizing the President instead of being constructive, and other people also call and insult the authorities that are unprofessional because authorities should be regarded in the country, ”Mr. Saryon explained.

He added that the government receives criticisms because President Sirleaf is a female but people should understand that women are contributing positively to national development and growth therefore they must be given respect because they are good partners to men and have always played significant role in peace building and contributing immensely to national development and growth.

The Liberian Businessman noted that those criminals who spent 5 to 10 years jailed should be trained through capacity building to persuade them from engaging in criminal acts after they shall have been set free from their various prisons. “If those individuals are trained in various disciplines while in jail, after leaving the jail houses, their minds would have been changed and they will not engage in criminal acts but they will find something to do and contribute positively to national growth and development,”Mr. Saryon intimated. He said it’s regrettable to hear that the situation at the prison compound is very worrisome and that prison compounds need reform because those who in jail are our brothers and sisters; therefore they must be treated well.

Mr. Saryon averred that former Justice Minister Christiana Tah resigned from government out of frustration because she did not win any case at the time she served as Justice Minister. He told the gathering that the resignation of Christiana Tah is a sign of failed system because she took over 2007 as Justice Minister but did not win any case until her resignation.

Meanwhile, he has promised to give television sets to the Snapper Hill Social and Intellectual Organization of AmadouHataiBoari today and promised to employ 6 persons from SHSIOAHB in his entity.

The Chairman of Snapper Hill Social and Intellectual Organization of AmadouHataiBoari, Mr. Emmanuel Dahn has lauded Mr. Sam Saryon for speaking on national issues.