ICC Clarifies Media Reports

The office of the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of International Consultancy Capital (ICC), herewith clarifies a 9th October 2014 publication of the FrontPageAfrica Newspaper, which allegations that ‘House Speaker Alex Tyler, and Representative Moses Kollie are shareholders of the aforementioned entity, is false, misleading and lacks any substantive basis of truth.

Hence, the ICC disclaims said ‘Documents’ being referenced in the publication, and believe such article may be the work of disingenuous elements whose objectives may be to besmear the good image of positive drivers of corporate Liberia, a release said.   The office of the Chief Executive Officer clarifies that the International Consultant Capital (ICC)being a credible private sector entity, and a premium contributor to the economic viability of the Liberian state, remains an independent business establishment which ethical values disallow allocation of shares to elected public officials whose affiliation would engender ‘Conflict of interests’, the release said.

The release said the ICC is recommending interested media houses to check with the Liberian Business Registry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Forestry Development Authority to authentic its registration and operational documents, if deemed necessary.

“Whilst the ICC values cordial relations with all officials of government, it however understands the negative legal implications of allocating shares to public officials, especially Members of the Legislature, and could have never encouraged such alignments” the release noted.

According to the release, for the many years it has provided treasured commercial services to Liberia and Liberians, the ICC prides itself as a legitimate registered entity that operates within the limits of the laws of corporate Liberia, accentuating its interests and expansions purely on policies of merits and honesty.

“Even though we continue to be nationally challenged by the Ebola outbreak, yet the ICC remains active in supporting viable economic activities where it has just acquired over US$3 million dollars’ worth of additional equipment, including a sawmill,” the release said.

Subsequently, the ICC reinforces its agenda to remaining a viable partner in the creation of useful opportunities for all Liberians, and appreciates the moral examples of its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Macdonald A. Wento, who triumphed from the lowest level of life to an enviable business success story, using discipline, honesty and hard work.

“As President and CEO of the ICC, Mr Wento is an accomplished investment banker who started off as Currency Trader in Zug, Switzerland more than 20 years ago. He also served as Director for Trade for IC Capital in Madrid, Spain and Inforex in Italy. Currently, besides the ICC, Mr Wento heads several Liberian companies as CEO, among which are: Platinum Recovery and Investment, Inc.; a financial services firm, The Wento Foundation, Inc., and Geblo Logging. He is also a philanthropist with projects throughout the length and breadth of Liberia,” the release concluded.