Ganta Methodist Hospital To Close Several Sections

By Solomon Gaye

The United Methodist Hospital in the commercial city of Ganta is expected to shortly close down several of its sections in the county.

The Associate Administrator, Patrick Martor, said the hospital is currently experiencing shortage of drugs and some financial difficulties something which makes it difficult to provide salaries for the hospital staff.

He explained that Methodist Hospital has been dropped from the Government of Liberia’s subsidy which according to him poses serious threat to the operation of the hospital in the county.

Mr. Martor further revealed that patients who go to seek health care at the hospital are sent to buy their own medications prescribed by the Doctors from a local medicine store in the county.

He added that to date workers at the hospital have not been paid since September due to lack of funds and other materials to run the affairs of the hospital.

”We are making this SOS call to our donors, local and International NGOs to come to our aid to extend our services to other parts of the Country,” he said.

He added that the Ganta United Methodist Hospital has more than 200 beds with more than three medical Doctors but because of financial constraints, the operation at the hospital continues to diminish daily.

Meanwhile residents of the county have described the decision by the Ganta United Methodist Hospital as a complete disaster for the people of Liberia most especially Nimba County citizens.