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Failed Attempt By Former Justice Minister to Implicate, Destroy The Image Of NSA Boss

BY: M. Cassius Benson

A smokescreen recently put up by former Justice Minister Christiana Tah, which was exaggerated with a web of deceit aimed at luring the Liberian people and the rest of the world to believe that “distrust and betrayal” pushed her out of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf led-Government has been exposed.

Leaked reports say security-intelligence uncovered a ploy and complicity Cllr. Tah and key media hired guns crafted to undermine the operations of the National security Agency (NSA) with low rate media propaganda, a diabolical and pseudo fight against truth, by spreading lies and promoting contrived with-hunt against Fombah Sirleaf, son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Director of the NSA.

Also surrounding this ploy, is a group of marauding thugs parading under the guise of security officers assigned to the Justice Minister. These individuals who are reportedly supplied with vehicles, radios and funds to carryout clandestine operations throughout the length and scope of Liberia, are former rebels who were involved in killings and beheadings of innocent civilians (not military soldiers who could defend themselves) during the Liberian civil war.

Many are wondering if these thugs can really read and write. No. Why? Because, information about where they studied to become security officers or even Police to meddle in state security matters is the 64 million dollars question.

However, the former Justice Minister, Cllr. Tah, a “professional lawyer” with no security knowledge, and remembered for questioning her reputation and legal ethics over the signing of supposedly 62 illegal contracts that were clearly in violation of the Liberian Laws, was pretty much the epitome of a status quo insider, someone, due to her influence and mainstream veneer of respectability, at times served as Head of the Cabinet, and was capable of inflicting an almost inconceivable amount of damage to freedom and prosperity in Liberia.

Reports say because of her influence in President Sirleaf-led Government, Cllr. Tah quickly turned idiotically arrogant and greedy by making unsubstantiated request for the Government structure to be changed. As Minister of Justice, Cllr. Tah vigorously insisted in her failed attempt for the Government to remove the National Security Agency (NSA) from being supervised by the Office of the President. Instead, she wanted the NSA to be supervised by the Ministry of Justice because to her personal interest.

Additionally, Cllr. Tah, tried to play blind eyes to the facts that the National Security Agency (NSA) is excluded from the numbers of securities agencies under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. So, she tried to pretend to the public with disinformation tactics that agencies such as the Liberia National Police (LNP), the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the National Fire Service (NFS), and all private security agencies which are under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, were not giving her their full cooperation, courtesies and supports during her occupancy as head of the Ministry of Justice.

Foremost, it is only befitting to ponder that in almost all established constitutional governments globally; especially that of our longest standing ally United States of America, (where the former Justice Minister Tah went to school and is resident); the Office of the President oversees the National Security Agency. This is done specifically to avoid these kind of trifle issues. This is an Agency dotted with the responsibility to insure the security of the state. The National Security Agency can only be answerable to the Presidency. The Office of the Attorney General cannot divorce the fact that NSA and not and Individual “Fombah Sirleaf” carried out their assigned duties for which they took oath and in compliances with their Reference and as recently adjusted by the National Legislature when dissolving certain security entities such as the Ministry of National Security, the National Bureau of Investigation etc..

As a “professional lawyer”, Cllr. Tah who should have objected and resigned then as Minister of Justice, but selected to compromise her reputation and legal ethics by signing-off on supposedly 62 illegal contracts that were clearly in violation of Liberian laws, is better and angry so she has conspired with other schemers, that is why shortly after the eagle eyes of NSA Agents led to the arrest of a situation that was critically detrimental to the security of the state and its people, she and some mercenary pen pushers embarked on an unholy campaign of distorting true information in their tabloids trash while promoting false and inaccurate information. They have indulged in this spreading of falsehood ostensibly with the intentions of turning genuine information useless at the NSA. They naively think by doing this, they will cover up the intelligence the NSA has received on individuals who were in possession of illegal combustible and hazardous materials, including cyanide and counterfeit money; which is a serious threat to the Liberian society.

The Former Justice Minister came out of her secret shell as she tried to subvert a known fact through evil techniques, manipulations and lies about the government by claiming that she was not allowed to have oversight over agencies under the Ministry of Justice, an ironical claims that is raising eye brows in many quarters on why it took her six years to figure out that she was not serving the interest of the Liberian people?

A media observer said the timing of the Former Justice Minister hostile behavior was coming more and more common just after President Sirleaf’s decision to appoint Cllr. David B. Jallah, of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law to speedily investigate the National Security Agency (NSA) over report of the NSA and other relevant securities authorities investigating issues over the arrest of the Koreans and their alleged possession of counterfeit money and other harmful substances.

If Counsellor Tah can recall in the Great United States where she studied, it is customary to appoint independent counsels when relating to matters of state security. Has she forgotten Kenneth Starr an independent counsel, who investigated the former President of the United States Bill Clinton? What is wrong now with this appointment by the President of Liberia who is executing her duties as Head of the Executive Branch of Government? Is President Sirleaf’s decision to appoint Cllr. David B. Jallah sufficient to justify Cllr. Tah’s resignation or otherwise? Please, Cllr. Tah, many are hoping that you will tell the Liberian people the actual story behind your resignation, analyst.

“They’re just looking for something that sells”, a Media analyst observed, explaining who the disinformation syndicate in the media against the NSA and its Director, Fombah Sirleaf’s impeccable character, said “this is why the media is mixing some truth with abject falsehood and lies, laughable fairy tales about the fellow and unfortunately not focusing on the NSA as an institution that executed the arrest”.

Cllr. Tah lies about the Government is similar to situation when confronted with, it’s not enough to fight back with the fact and the truth. That’s because people are motivated to believe certain lies, an example of this is the birther movement that believes President Barack Obama was born outside the country, despite all the evidence that he was born in Hawaii and clear forgeries of supposed proof that he was born in Kenya.” Analyst posited.

Touring agencies where the Former Justice Minister traded, almost everyone spoken to were reportedly suffering from rampant disrespect that ruined relationships and wreaked havoc with productivity, as a lady at the Bureau of immigration and Naturalization had no pity and said: “the former Minister of Justice, Christiana Tah…. no one should feel any pity for Cllr. Tah”, saying “she became too power top heavy, after being acting President, she thought she had arrived, she abused power herself and simply put, a wicked person. Her own arrogance got the best of her”.

Almost everyone spoken to remembered Cllr. Tah over what they referred to as “Liberian Tragedy” surrounding the supposedly 62 illegal contracts she signed.

Hear them: “some of the best lawyers in Liberia testified in the Senate that provisions in those contracts were illegal, but Cllr. Tah went ahead and signed off anyway. She gambled and lost, that the details would never come to light. So what is she crying about? It is unfortunate but she damaged her credibility by betraying the country she swore to serve and protect. She also sat there and did nothing while some crooks in government stole millions of dollars and got away with it. So let her tell us something we don’t already know”.

Even though Agents from the NSA effected an arrest of the individuals connected to the deal, along with an undisclosed amount of counterfeit monies, and forwarded all details to the Ministry of Justice, these hired guns and media hirelings, are using all sorts of rundown traditional black propaganda techniques designed to unwittingly engage in a smear adventure against Fombah Sirleaf and the entire first family.

These rumor mongers’ have employed all kinds of subterfuges to manipulate their unsuspecting audiences at the expense of the hard earned character of Mr. Sirleaf. See example of the unguided tirade of the mercenary figures’ products where clearly, simple facts of their news stories somehow end up being miserably wrong:

Hear them: “Our clients’ money was illegally seized by Fombah Sirleaf’s men, and have therefore asked us to use this opportunity to appeal to Your Excellency to prevail on Fombah to save the Sirleaf family’s name from public taunt and vilification”.

The above quote illustrates the troubling truth of concocted disinformation about the entire story involving Fombah Sirleaf as a person when it was first published in the National Chronicles newspaper. The Chronicles newspaper started the embellishment of rumors in their report when they screamed in their headline: “In Alleged Organized Crime In Gold And Diamond Deal, NSA, Lebanese Steal US$284,000 From Koreans, Seize Bank-Withdrawn Money, Infuse Counterfeit” (National Chronicle Wednesday, July 30,2014 edition)

Essentially, the story erroneously and dangerously sort to identify the NSA Agents who carried out the arrest by roping in the name of their boss Fombah Sirleaf.

What is disturbing is that no one has questioned the credibility of the individual (s) responsible for the erroneous article published in the Chronicles. Do they really know the role of the National Security Agency or what it entails? Because even in developed countries, the National Security do not need the permission of any entity to investigate Economic Crimes, especially involving money, money laundering, an international crime which could seriously undermine the credibility of Liberia, a country struggling to evolve from corruption and civil strafes.

That is why, the question being asked in many quarters is “does the Chronicle newspaper believe that misguided attacks will deter NSA from carrying out their duties to protect the integrity of the Sirleaf led government; especially so that it affects the NSA Boss personally”? Since, the Publisher of the National Chronicle newspaper claims to be once part of the Liberian Government, media critiques must question the professionalism and credibility of the Chronicle Newspaper, the educational background of its employees, as well as investigate their security background which has given them the right to create fallacies on the Head of a Security Agency. Those enthralling for ethics in journalism must also know as to what is the Chronicles Newspaper Publisher’s background as a journalist he claimed to be. He needs to be investigated over his claims of being a millionaire in Liberia. He must explain how did he amass such wealth in a country where people are still struggling to make 150 USD a month?

Truly, such investigation is necessary, because those publications against the NSA Boss are malicious and criminal because every news editor or director dreads hearing from upset readers or viewers when the seemingly simple facts of a news story somehow ends up being wrong. Facts in news writing is a cardinal virtue in popular journalism. Ask any journalist who worth his or her salt and he or she will tell you that accuracy is a fundamental value in news writing. University journalism programs teach it, codes of ethics preach it and, in most cases, the audience even demands factual reporting.

The plots to besmear Director Sirleaf’s character and make information useless at the NSA reflects similar disinformation tactics used during the Cold war, where the Fox news Channel (FNC) a major international satellite television network, employees of which have been seen using creative editing as a form of distortion propaganda.

To date, a University of Maryland study found that people who primarily watched Fox News Channel were more likely to hold misperceptions about the Iraq War

It is observed that these diversionary tactics targeted at the NSA operations through lies and gossips by rumors mongers on Director Fombah Sirleaf’s back is similar to a disinformation trick by the KGB during World War II where according to senior SVR officer Sergei HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “ HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″redlink=1” HYPERLINK “″Tretyakov, the KGB was responsible for creating the entire nuclear winter story to stop the Pershing missiles, Tretyakov says that from 1979 the KGB wanted to prevent the United States from deploying the missiles in Western Europe and that, directed by Yuri Andropov, they distributed disinformation, based on a faked “doomsday report” by the Soviet Academy of Sciences about the effect of nuclear war on climate, to peace groups, the environmental movement and the journal.

This is exactly why many are wondering despite clarification by the NSA that the arrest was carried out by agents of the entity and not Director Fombah Sirleaf, and that the case has since been forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, the propagandists are overblowing and sensationalizing their stories because Fombah Sirleaf’s name could possibly sell. Selling newspapers by assassinating the character of an individual under the guise of journalism and craze for activism will do no good.

The NSA and other relevant authorities should be allowed to do their work of investigating the substantive issues underpinning the arrest of the Koreans and their alleged possession of counterfeit money and other harmful substances. This low rate media propaganda and the pointed debased tirade against the head of the NSA is not only diabolical but a pseudo fight against truth. Let the detractors hold their horses and give chance to a truly civil investigation of the matter.



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