CLIM Distributes 4th Round Of Sanitizing Materials…Urges Community To Embrace Survivors

Changing Lives International Ministries (CLIM) has continued its fourth round of distribution of Anti-Ebola sanitizing materials in the Block Factory Community located in the township of   Duazon on the Robertsfield Highway.

Changing Lives International has already held series of distributions in the Duazon Community as part of its objective of impacting over 150 homes; especially underprivileged women household.

During its 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds of distribution, CLIM executives disclosed that they had developed a work-plan that would reach out to over 150 under-privileged residents in the Duazon Community situation along the Robertsfield Highway.

As part of that commitment, the non-governmental institution has already provided sanitizing and anti-Ebola materials in three communities with the Block Factory Community being the latest.

Officials of CLIM reiterated that the donation is their own way of identifying with lee-privileged women and children who are direct victims of the deadly Ebola virus.

Speaking further, the local Coordinator of CLIM, Mr. Martin L. Fleming, encouraged women of the Block Factory Community to make a very good use of the donation because according to him, EBOLA does not discriminate; whether rich or poor.

“Ebola does not distinguish between the little ones so we all must fight to prevent this killer disease which has engulfed our land,” he stated. Mr. Fleming also extended his thanks and appreciation to the Grand Lutheran Church, Sturgis Southern Dakota, USA who he said are the prime sponsors of the donations.

The donation was received by Mrs. Jonna Hutchinson on behalf of the people of the Block Factory Community.

Meanwhile, the local coordinator of Changing Lives International Ministries Inc (CLIM) has called on residents of the community to embrace would-be survivors. He said, it is about time that Liberia redirects their interest in the fight against the Ebola virus by welcoming those declared free from the disease.

He warned against discrimination and stigmatization, stressing that the effect of the virus has a big psychological effect on the person.

“We must show love to our brothers and sisters who have survived from Ebola. They need our support to continue their survival; if we start to castigate, neglect and stigmatize them then we will lose the Ebola fight,” Mr. Fleming warns.

He insisted that the Ebola Awareness will continue in keeping with the fight against the virus. They vowed to intensify their outreach program which accordingly is intended to reach more than 150 families especially women and children.

Liberians and their international partners have intensified the fight against the deadly outbreak of the EBOLA virus which has led to the massive reduction of new cases across the country.

Changing Lives International Ministries is a local and international NGO in the drive to buttress government’s efforts and contribute to the process of nation building. Already, CLIM has constructed a 7-room building in the township of Duazon in the Royal Community. The building is intended to be used as an elementary school. The idea to erect an elementary school in that community was driven from a survey showing that hundreds of children who are of school-going age have less fortunate opportunity to acquire primary education.