LCP Ends Cross Border Social Mobilization Confab

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Carter Center and the Central Bank of Liberia recently demonstrated its commitment in a one day confab on Cross Border Social Mobilization Synchronization and Interventions on Ebola preventions.     The training was aimed at carrying out special Ebola awareness and sensitization campaign in the various villages and towns in some counties and also using communication strategy such as social mobilization, outreach, advocacy, interpersonal communications, behavioral change communication, motivation, monitoring and evaluation to carry out the Ebola awareness to enable the people get the message clearly and take the preventive measures as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and protect themselves from contracting the virus that is harming and killing more individuals in Liberia.

The Executive Director of Liberia Crusaders for Peace, Ambassador Judee Endee disclosed that the training will enhance the participants to carry out the Ebola awareness in towns and villages. She said Liberia Crusaders for Peace has 20 years of experience in advocacy, traditional mechanisms –living by example and culture is the medium to dialogue, communication, training, social mobilization and community outreach.

Amb. Endee explained that Liberia Crusaders for Peace network is comprised of 2,248 mobilizers or peer educators in all counties, 30 county supervisors, 15 National monitors, 55musicians, animators, dramatists and 42 staff at national level.

According to Amb.Endee, Liberia Crusaders for Peace has visited 55 districts in 8 counties, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Montserrado, Bong,Nimba,Grand Bassa, Lofa and Margibi and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare trained 17 trainers of LCP, traditional leaders, Youth Groups, Women Groups, Women on the Move,Rural Women, Muslin Women, Governor Council, Kukatomon Women, Citizens United for Justice and LCP had recruited 5000 volunteers, and United Nations Women have trained LCP Women supervisors and monitors. She added that LCP has met with Superintendents,8 county health teams and 165Chiefs and Elders and LCP also carried out Sensitization and awareness in 59 market places.

Meanwhile Amb.Endee told the participants to be persuasive and explain to the people during the Ebola awareness process so that more people can understand the message.