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Ebola Cases Dropping From 10 To 3 Daily

By Antoinette Sendolo

Cases of Ebola are said to be dropping from 10-3 per day at various Ebola Treatment Units in the country.

For ELWA Two, it is reported that in September the Center received over 520 Ebola patients with over 142 survivals and approximately 290 deaths and currently there are 54 patients and 41 have been confirmed at that unit while the Island Clinic ETU received 384 patients with 103 survivors.

Doctors Jerry Brown of ELWA-Two and Atai Omoruto of the Island Clinic ETU have both admitted that the troops of patients taken at their various Centers have decreased numerically.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism regular Ebola press briefing yesterday, Dr. Brown said the ELWA holding unit now converted to a treatment unit has been receiving between two to three patients in the past few weeks as compared to the past two months where they had to admit over nine to 10 persons per day.

Dr. Omoruto, a Ugandan, also confirmed that the cases of Ebola have reduced as well but is not sure if it is the reality in the communities or people are just not reporting to the ETUs.

According to Dr. Omoruto, several patients have been discharged from the Island Clinic ETU while more patients currently undergoing treatment are expected to be discharged anytime soon because they are responding to treatment.

However, in relation to the death of one of the four doctors who joined in the Ebola fight from its onset at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Dr. Omoruto described it as unfortunate and a regrettable situation.

She said Dr. Scotland’s early departure due to Ebola could be attributed to the walk out protest by health workers at the Island Clinic ETU where he was being kept, treated and monitored before being transferred to Bomi County.

According to Dr. Omoruto, Dr. Scotland could have survived if the health workers who were assigned at the Island Clinic didn’t leave their work in protest which led the deceased to willfully request his transfer to Dr. Logan in Tubmanburg.

She said Dr. Scotland was later brought back to the Island Clinic ETU but by then his breathing system was deteriorating and his organs were all mal-functioning and there was barely anything they could do to save his life.



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