Chris Neyor Pledges Support To Trade Center

Chris Neyor Pledges Support To Trade Center

By Pinket A. Scott (intern UMU)

One of the candidates of the Montserrado County Senatorial race, Christopher Z. Neyor, yesterday pledged his support to the World Trade Center during a special visit on Gurley Street for an anti Ebola awareness message.

Mr. Neyor pledged to the World Trade Center authorities a 25kv generator and a ceiling project to help reduce the heat from the building. He encouraged youths and everyone working in the World Trade Center to take the Ebola virus crisis seriously and stop shifting blames on people but rather join the fight against this deadly virus. He said that if Liberians learn to work together and stop shifting blames, Ebola will leave this country soon.

Mr. Christopher Neyor gave some buckets and anti- Ebola materials to the Center to help promote the measures to be taken against the spread of the virus.

For his part the president of the World Trade Center, Mr. Troken Cumming appreciated Mr. Neyor for identifying with them at this time.

He said, “There have been lots of empty promises being made to us by so many prominent people but to our greatest surprise they all have failed us”.

Mr. Cumming at the same time on behalf of the World Trade Center certificated Mr. Neyor for paying a visit to them and promised him their cooperation.