“Anyone Who Wants To Make Profit Of Ebola Will Lose”—Liberia Clergyman Tells Critics

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The Bishop of the City Light Church of God located in Bardnersville Estate,Rev. John Kun Kun says anyone who wants to make profit of the deadly Ebola virus that is claiming the lives of many people in the country, will definitely lose because God has spoken that Ebola is going out of Liberia.

Bishop Kun said some individuals are taking advantage of the nation and also using the nation to satisfy their desires.

Speaking at the press conference last week Sunday, Bishop Kun told journalists that Liberians should have hope and they must not be panic because God will do everything to protect them and Ebola does not have power. He said the power of Ebola has broken over the nation and will never surface in Liberia again.

Bishop Kun added that he has differed with World Health Organization (WHO) statement made recently that 10,000 persons will be affected by the deadly Ebola virus weekly. He averred that by the power of God, that will not happen and the statement made by WHO cannot be true, because statistics showed that since the Ebola outbreak in Liberia,   Sierra Leone and Guinea, only 8,000 persons have died so far.

“Right now everyone is taking serious preventive measures as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in the country to avoid contracting the virus and International Community is also helping to kick the virus out of Liberia, and how can WHO predict that 10,000 persons will be affected weekly? That is unbelievable, “Bishop Kun Kun expressed concern.

Meanwhile Bishop John Kun Kun has urged Liberians to take courage because God is in control.