Anti-Ebola Fight Intensifies… As FACE & NASA Join

Efforts to eradicate the deadly Ebola Virus Disease are increasing daily and interestingly, most well-meaning Liberians are not only sitting supinely awaiting the International Community do everything in eliminating the killer Virus, but instead, they are collaboratively stepping up efforts aimed at aiding their compatriots stricken by the lethal disease.

So was the case on Saturday, October 18, 2014 when the National Staff Association (NASA) of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and the Foundation for Aiding Children’s Empowerment (FACE) donated a consignment of assorted food, clothing, disinfectants and other anti-Ebola materials to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial and the ELWA Hospital Ebola treatment Units.

The donation which is valued at over two thousand US Dollars (2.000) was made possible through the voluntary contributions of ten US Dollars (10.00) by few Liberian and some foreign UNMIL staff and the leadership of the Foundation for Aiding Children’s Empowerment.

The donation was in direct response to a request made by the JFK and ELWA Ebola Treatment Units to the public of needed items recently. The consignment included 20 bags of rice, several cartoons of bath and laundry soup, four (4) bales of used clothes and several sachets of bottled Aqua Life mineral water.

Making the donation at JFK, the head of FACE and acting head of the UNMIL National Staff Association (NASA) Mr. Momolu J. Johnson, Sr. said, both organizations moved by the plight of those affected by the Ebola Virus.

For her part, the supervisor of the JFK Ebola treatment Unit miss Patience P. Tokpah thanked Mr. Johnson and his organizations for the donation and assured that it will be used for the purposed intended.

She also encourage all well-meaning Liberians and foreigners to emulate the fine example of FACE and NASA.

Presenting the second consignment at the ELWA Treatment Unit, expressing gladness at responding to the needs of the Ebola Victims. Receiving the donation, the head of the ELWA Ebola treatment Unit Dr. Nathaniel Dovillie expression profound appreciation about the initiative that led to the donation and thanked the public in general for responding to the needs of the center.

The Foundation for Aiding Children’s Empowerment is a self-help local rights advocacy group founded by in late 2010 by Mr. Momolu J. Jonson, Sr. and his wife Brownetta Luke Johnson in order to empower women and children, raise awareness about the danger of rape, sexual exploitation and abuse, child trafficking, HIV/Aids domestic violence child labor and other vices that negatively affect the growth and development of women and children in Liberia.