TU Staff Taken To Court For L$300

By Lewis Verdier

An employee of the Tubman University, Andrew Forbie, was recently taken to court on charges of criminal cohesion and black-mailing after recording his colleague, Lee Newton, without his knowledge. It was alleged that Andrew Forbie secretly recorded his colleague, Lee Newton and took the recording to the Human Resource (HR) of the Tubman University something which led to his dismissal. Lee Newton was the Administrative Assistant of the college of Management and Administration.

Defendant Forbie appeared in court recently to answer to the charges levied against him and was granted the rights to have a lawyer but Forbie told the court that he didn’t need a lawyer to plead for him.

After preliminary investigations the police charged Forbie with criminal cohesion and black-mailing hence the court said charges under second degree is considered a misdemeanor.

Forbie, who was bailed and returning to the court room told newsmen that he was not ready to comment on the issue.

The plaintiff (complainant) Lee Newton disclosed that he requested legal intervention in the matter because he was secretly recorded by Forbie during an argument over LD 300.00 which Forbie owed him and refused to pay.