Nimba Citizens Urged To Resolve Internal Wrangling

By Edwin G. Wandah

Several Nimbaians,mainly of the Mano ethnic group, have accused Nimba County Senior Senator, Prince Y. Johnson of personally serving as a dictator rather than making laws and having oversight representation, while others (Gios) have accused the Manos of serving in the leadership of the county and leaving the Gios aside.

According to some Nimbaians, the political situation in the county is seriously embarrassing; with the majority Gios also complaining that nearly all of the local seats in the county are continually being occupied by minority Manos.

Sometime ago, the issue of dividing Nimba County, with Upper Nimba to be occupied by majority Gios and Lower Nimba, occupied by minority Manos also advocated for the division of the county.

When this paper visited Nimba County earlier this year, some youths, elders and women of the county speaking to the INQUIRER said the political situation in the county is deeply rooted.

According to them, some persons wanting political offices in Nimba are fond of preaching divisive politics something they said has the propensity of fueling further tension.

An elder (name withheld) whispered that perhaps the Gios were annoyed about the current political wrangling and decided to elect two candidates for the county’s higher seats, the Senior and Junior Senatorial seats which are currently occupied by both Senator Prince Y. Johnson and Thomas Grupee, both of the National Union for Democratic Progress-NUDP.

“I am a Mano, and all of the local Government offices in Nimba have been occupied by Mano people,” he stated.

“Currently as we speak, apart from the two Senatorial Seats, the County Superintendent, including Development Superintendents were Manos, succeeding previous county officials; Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh, and Christiana Dagadu were Manos also,” the Elder averred.

Meanwhile, some of the elders and youths of the county are calling on those embarking on the division of Nimba County to rethink their decision.

According to them, no propaganda machinery can divide Nimba County as those calling for division do not have the county at heart but are being used by greedy minded politicians who use these situations to create chaos in the county.

The citizens said, although some members of the Legislative Caucus of Nimba County are behind this division, but said it should not be blamed only on Senator Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Senior Senator of Nimba County has continued to call on Nimbaians to disregard those things that will bring shame and disgrace to the county.

According to Senator Johnson, the problem in the county cannot be blamed to him alone. He intimated that it is important that all Nimbaians come together under one umbrella to settle their differences peacefully.