Barrobo Students Recommend To President Sirleaf

By Pinket A. Scott (Intern UMU)

The Barrobo Students Association (BUSA), is appealing to President Sirleaf to appoint Madam Betsy Kouh Toe as superintendent for Maryland County.

According to them since the resignation of the former Superintendent of the County, Madam Nazarene Tubman Broh, the position of Superintendent of Maryland County had been vacant.

Speaking to this paper this week, the President of the Barrobo Student Association (BUSA), Mr. Meshach G. Wonasue said that Madam Betsy Kouh Toe is a prominent citizen of Maryland County.

He added that she has been instrumental in building the human resource capacity of the county by providing scholarships for the young people of Maryland County.

Mr. Wonasue also said that madam Toe had been proactive in the development of the rural women initiative and she was quoted by the daily observer paper in October 2005 as ‘people centered’ where tribal dispute was settled by her.

Based on that and many more the Barrobo Student Association thought it wise to recommend her to President Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. He stated, “When we hear the name Betsy Kouh we come to realize and feel the might of the excellence of our county, because she has the cardinal abilities that suggest one of charisma to command, control and lead and must be taken into serious consideration in our efforts to restructuring our county and putting forth our bound to enhance development,” he explained.

Mr. Oliver Jafin who is the general secretary of the Barrobo Student Association is also calling on the Chiefs, elders, youths and the student body to join hands with them in making sure that Madam Betsy Kouh be appointed the Superintendent of Maryland County.