Liberian Inventor Produces Automatic Hand Washing Bucket

Liberian Inventor Produces Automatic Hand Washing Bucket

A Liberian inventor, Mr. Louis K. Tealeh, has produced an automatic Ebola Hand Washing Bucket which can be used only by stepping on the peddler.   The bucket which contains a motor invented by Mr. Tealeh can release chlorinated water when one steps on the peddler below the bucket without touching the bucket which does not have a faucet.

Introducing the bucket recently at the Ministry of Information’s daily Ebola News Conference held at the Ministry of Information, Information Minister, Lewis G. Brown lauded the Liberian inventor and stressed the importance of having such a bucket which cannot be touched since the Ebola virus can be spread by touching.

Minister Brown promised to bring the inventor’s work to the attention of the Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) and others to assist in the production of more of the invented bucket.

Also speaking at the news conference, Agriculture Minister, Florence Chenoweth said it is good that a bucket of such magnitude can be invented, saying, “Since Ebola is spread by contact and touching, it is good that this bucket has been invented which only releases the chlorinated water only by stepping on the peddler and not touching the faucet.”

Madam Chenoweth said it is good that the inventor be given special assistance to produce more of the automatic buckets which will go a long way in easing the fight against Ebola.

The inventor, Mr. Louis Tealeh who is a graduating student of the master program at the University of Liberia has been engaged in the idea of invention for many years. He has produced many products such as the remote control stove, the Electric Photo Album among others.