Church Aid Incorporated Conducts Ebola Workshop

Church Aid Inc. over the weekend conducted a trainer of trainers of workshop in the Banjor Community, Virginia-Montserrado County.

The workshop which was held under the theme: Ebola Awareness & Prevention Volunteerism and the Road to an Ebola Free Liberia targeted about 25 Church leaders and members of the Banjor Community.

The training was conducted by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in collaboration with Church Aid Incorporated.

According to the released a total of 60 persons were train to become trainers in their various segment of the Banjor community on the awareness and prevention of Ebola.

“The 3 hours presentation was interactive as the facilitators were able to speak and correct the doubts in the minds of participants of how the virus is spread and how it can be prevented and that coming down with Ebola is not a death sentence, but early seeking of treatment gives one the chance to survive. However, what kills most is denial!”, the statement said.

The release further read that the training initiative was birth out of the spiritual intervention of the Church when the Banjor Community got highly hit by the Virus in August and September, prompting the Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown with an instruction from the Lord to organize the churches within the Banjor Community and launch a one week prayer intervention called the Jericho Praise in and around the entire Banjor Community.

“We can say this intervention was worth it, as since then, Banjor that was becoming an epic center has seen some level of stability”, the statement emphasized.

It concluded with the note that the workshop was quite a successful one as participants were able to ask many questions most especially for the measurement of the disinfectants.

It also said they were taught that the disinfectants measurement is of two types, highly concentrated, 0.5 solution for disinfecting areas and other things that may belong to sick person and the 0.05 solution for hand washing and were now fully equipped to take the massage to their community with most persisting emphasis against denial.

Church Aid Inc. is the relief and development arm of the New Water in the Desert Assembly and the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Liberia, which has for the past three months gotten involved in the physical fight against Ebola through a Special Ebola Response Team, SERT.

The Church organization response initiative started up by reaching out to communities to help pregnant women, lactating mothers, old folks and vulnerable people with food and non-food items. It also continued by making donation of Medications and Personal Protective Equipments –PPEs, etc, to Hospitals including; the Liberian Government Hospital in Tubmanburg, BomiCounty, The Liberian Health Center in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County and the St. Joseph Hospital in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The response has also gone one step further and started working with communities’ stakeholders in communities like VOA # 1, Vonzon and Badakor in Caldwell to cater to family of household suspected of interacting with Ebola victims and were to be observed for 21 days.