Alleged Criminal Drown In Slipway

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

An alleged criminal identified as SekouTrawally, was found in the Slipway community drowned while trying to escape after snatching someone’s phone.

According to an eyewitness, Elizabeth Kollie, who spoke to this paper, said the late Sekou passed in front of her house during the weekend with rapid speed but she never knew why the running was all about. Madam Kollie added that Sekou appeared so young and well dressed. “I never thought of him to be a criminal, until when I saw the crowd and heard them screaming rogue, rouge, ”Madam Kollie explained.

She said the late Sekou was told by some community dwellers including the former Chairperson of the Slipway community, saying, “I will help rescue you and turn you over to the Police; do not jump into the water.

Madam Kollie stated that the late Sekou was so stubborn and foolish by jumping into the water knowing that he could not swim.