Flood Victims Get Relief Supplies

By Lewis Verdier

Authorities of Maryland County have provided 47 acres of land for over 36 families who were made homeless by sea erosion early this year.

The county authorities also provided ninety bundles of zinc and nails to the families affected by the sea erosion in that part o the country.

According to Maryland’s County Inspector, Henry Cole, each family is entitled to one lot of land and other materials provided by the authorities of the county.

He said the 47 acres is situated near Bishop Ferguson community outside the capital, Harper.

The flood victims who received the 47 acres of land along with other building materials were all residents of the Printice and Greogory Streets communities in Harper, Maryland County.

The county inspector disclosed that demolition of the victims’ old houses and slums will begin in two weeks noting that occupants will not be allowed to stay in the area.

Printice and Greogory streets communities often get hit by tidal wave and flood during rainy seasons due to its geographical land form and location near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean something which makes it unfriendly for inhabitants.