Lewis Browne Reacts To Tah’s Press Statement

“Many had hoped that time would heal but sadly, since the suspension of her license to practice law in the country, the former Minister of Justice has been bitter and angry — bitter with the Supreme Court and angry with the President,” Liberia’s Information Minister Lewis G. Brown said yesterday in reaction to the former Justice Minister’s recent resignation.

Addressing the weekly Ministry of Information News Conference Minister Brown quoted the former Minister in her own words, that she experienced the height of “personal pain when my hard-earned professional asset was suspended and my credibility called into question”.

Minister Brown said it may prove to be in the best interest of the country that she has finally mustered the courage to exercise her prerogative to resign.

Minister Brown in a serious tone asked, “How else are we to characterize assertions by the former Minister of Justice and Dean of the Supreme Court that the decision of the Supreme Court to suspend her license was a “parody of justice” claiming that her counsels were “browbeaten into offering an apology to appease the judiciary”?

He further quizzed, “How else are we to characterize the former Minister’s allegation that at least four months after she tabled her prerogative to resign, the Minister of Information who was unaware of such action was preempting the resignation or retaliating for same?”

“All the Minister of Information sought to do conscientiously was to draw public attention to the dissimilar exercise of presidential powers in which for suspending the license to practice law in the country, a former President immediately returned his Justice Minister to office and removed members of the Supreme Court Bench’ while, in this case, the current President permitted the decision of the Highest Court in the land to stand after, as the former Minister admitted, the available appeal process was exhausted,” Minister Brown said.

The Information Minister said, “Unarguably, while one action effectively undermined the authority of the courts, and mistakenly reaffirmed the presidency as the singular source of power and authority in the country, the other unapologetically reversed this precedence, and may have informed a new sense of equality before the law, as well as reestablished the respect, integrity and independence of the courts, as our system of governance intended it to be.”

Minister Brown said, “This is why we agree with the former Minister that “. . . the interest of our nation is bigger and paramount over any personal or partisan concern(s).”

“But sadly, as we now see, sometimes when personally involved, this can be easier said than done. The harsh truth then is that we can only pursue the bigger interests of the nation when we substitute and what makes ‘ME’ feel better for ‘WE’ and what makes US become better,” Minister Brown said. See full text of Minister Brown’s statement.