CDC Youth Wing Wants Ellen’s Request Rejected

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Youth Wing of the Congress for Democracy Change (CDC) has called on its members in the National Legislature to reject the request recently made by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for the restrictions of several constitutional provisions during the imposed State of Emergency.

The Liberian leader in a communication to the Legislature dated October 1 is requesting the lawmakers to grant the Executive’s recommendations that some constitutional provisions be altered including election time and manner, labor, free movement, restriction on speech, religious restriction, assembly and appropriation of property.

Speaking during a press conference held at the CDC headquarters in Monrovia, the party’s Youth Wing chairperson, Jefferson Kojee, strongly condemned the President’s request describing it as ‘an attempt to twist the peace.’

According to Mr. Kojee, the President’s request to restrict citizens’ movement and speech is not in the best interest of the people and therefore the CDC Youth Wing is prepared to resist it to the fullest.

He also described the President’s request as demonic and wicked noting that it is intended to enslave the people of Liberia and to break loose into something else but reminded that the people’s silence should not be misconstrued.

Jefferson Kojee said the CDC remains the biggest opposition party and will always be in defense of the people of Liberia and called on its members to turn up in their mass today at the headquarters of the party to discuss ways in which their action can be perfected and made public.

“We are collectively engaged in combating Ebola and this request is an attempt for the President to side track that and reduce our people into third party citizens or reduce our people into slavery and the CDC will have no option but to stand in defense of its people and we will have no regret whether the President becomes victim in this process,” Kojee stated.

Mr. Kojee stressed that any of its representatives who will challenge the people will face the wrath of the CDC Youth Wing noting, “We are going to stand tall in any attempt to pass this satanic instrument from the President’; we want to be categorically clear that the Congress for Democracy Change youths will resist them”.