CASE-Liberia Gives Medical Assistance To ELWA Unit 2

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Citizens Alliance To Stop Ebola (CASE) has given some medical assistance to the ELWA Unit2 to help curtail the spread of the deadly Ebola virus that the country is now faced with.

Speaking to journalists at the ELWA Hospital, CASE-Liberia Secretary General, Pailet Johnson said, “It has been discovered that “miracle drug” selenium has contributed to many people walking out of the Ebola Treatment Unit     (ETU) and CASE-Liberia being a consultant of civil society, citizens and amongst others”.

S.G. Johnson added that he was told by Dr. Jerry Brown that they (doctors) are still studying the drug so that he cannot come out to say it is the cure but rather contributing to the release of many patients.

He stated, “We want to encourage everyone that if we have more we will continue to do it with other resource partners that we have and network partners for CASE-Liberia. We will keep knocking on those doors and as we get them, we will bring them in and donate them to the hospital to assist in saving more lives”.

S.G. Johnson said there are lots of humanitarians around the world and they know what is happening in the country. He said, “Not to promise” but when the avenues are created they will identify with hospitals to help stop the spread of the epidemic.”

He said that their aim is to have zero transmission and zero infection and they will stand by that to ensure that their aim is accomplished.

He concluded that those who contributed to the donation include Tohde Resource Center, Atty. Kofi Woods, and Leroy Jackson.