UEM Identifies With ELWA Unit Two

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

In an effort to assist in curtailing the deadly Ebola virus the Universal Empowerment Mission (UEM) has identified with the ELWA Unit 2 as its own way of help in the fight against Ebola.

Speaking with journalists at the presentation ceremony of the mattresses, UEM Executive Director, Iren K. George said, “I am here today to make this presentation in the name of one of our international partners, Mr. Barnard Smith. It is a widow’s might”.

Madam George added that it is the beginning of their assistance in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in the country and stated, “I am so grateful to doctors at ELWA for risking their lives to help save others. Thanks for dedication to the people of Liberia in this Ebola crisis”.

Madam George also extended condolence to those who lost their families and loved ones.

For his part the Jonathan Hart said their capacity at the ELWA Unit2 is 40 and they have 64 patients. He said one of their major constraints is “bed” so what was donated by UEM is very essential to them right now.

Dr. Hart said the donation may look small but it is timely and appropriate because they have been overwhelmed by patients and that they are making accommodation with additional rooms that they have.

He concluded that it is difficult for one to turn back others and watch them die, and hope this deadly Ebola virus would be eradicated soon.