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Report Rates Senate High On Plenary Participation

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

A report released by the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) says the Liberian Senate has topped the House of Representatives in plenary participation.

IREDD said though it is limited in numerical strength, the Liberian Senate reported a total of 1856 participation times while the House of Representatives has a total of 1040 during the reporting period.

The research revealed that the highest participation time goes to River Gee Senator, Fredrick Doe Cherue who got 89 against the Bong County Representative, Prince K. Moye who got 115 for speaking in plenary sessions.

Others who followed in the Liberian Senate include, Grand Kru Senator Peter S. Coleman; Grand Gedeh Senator, Isaac W. Nyenabo; Gbarpolu Senator, Armah Z. Jallah; Grand Gedeh Senator, Alphonso G. Gaye; Lofa County Senator, Sumo G. Kupee, and Maryland Senator John A. Ballout.

Grand Bassa County Representative Jeh Byron Brown followed in the House of Representatives and is on record for speaking 70 times during plenary session from January to July, 2014.

The ten representatives who got zero for plenary participation were Jeremiah McCaulay, River Gee Charles K. Bardyl, Nimba County Samuel G. Z. Worleh, Montserrado County Adolph A. Lawrence, Margibi County Roland Opee Cooper, Grand Gedeh County Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, Grand Cape Mount County Manbu M. Sonii, Grand Bassa County Robert N. Siaway, Sr. and Gbarpolu County MalaiGoutoGbogar.

Similarly, the research observed that the nine lawmakers who spoke only once during the entire 49 sessions held at the House of Representatives include HajaSiryon of Bomi County, TokpahMulbah of Bong County, Gertrude T. Lamin of Gbarpolu, Aaron Bondokai Vincent of Cape Mount, Saah Hardy Joseph of Montserrado, Abraham, V. Corneh, of Montserrado, Garrison Yealue, Jr. of Nimba, Alfred GioteeJuweh of Rivercess and Jefferson Kanmoh of Sinoe County.

However, the report observed that members of the House of Representatives attended more sessions than those in the Liberian Senate.

In what is generally known as the legislative report card, IREDD reported that Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue of Grand Gedeh County got the highest in plenary attendance at the lower house for attending 48 out of the 49 sessions held while others with high attendance marks include Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County, Abraham V. Corneh, III of Montserrado County, William V. Dakel, Sr. of Montserrado County, Garrison Yealue, Jr. of Nimba County and Francis Paye of Rivercess County.

Senators Fredrick Doe Cherue and Mathew Jaye of River Gee County attended all the 48 sessions held at the Senate and got the score of A+. Other senators with high plenary attendance include Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe County, Henry Yallah of Bong County and Adventus D. Gueh of Rivercess County who got A for plenary attendance.

Senator MabutuVlahNyenpan of Sinoe County got the lowest in plenary attendance for attending 28 out of the 48 sessions and got a score of “F”. Other Senators with low plenary attendance include Joyce Musu Freeman of Montserrado and Cletus S. Wotorson of Grand Kru County; both of them scored “D”

Apparently the two Senators’ absences were due to adverse reasons but legislative pundits said Senator Sumo was away attending the AU Conference while Senator Wotorson’s absence was due to poor health.

On the other hand, the research rated nine representatives as getting a score of “F” in plenary attendance. They include, Jeremiah W.N. McCaulay of Sinoe, Jefferson Karmoh of Sinoe, Ricks Y. Toweh of Nimba, Solomon C. George of Montserrado, Clarence Massaquoi of Lofa, George WessehBlamoh of Grand Kru, Manbu M. Sonii, of Cape Mount, Alfred G. Koiwood of Gparpolu and Haja F. Siryon of, Bomi.

The plenary of the Liberian Senate also recorded a total of 31 distant times during its 48 sittings while the House of Representatives recorded 156 distant times; with Senator Nyenpan carrying the highest.



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