Police Must Explain

THREE NOTORIOUS CRIMINALS have been alleged to have escaped from the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) since last week and are said to be at large. The three men are identified as Patrick Kollie, James Harris and Thomas Kamara.

ACCORDING TO REPORTS, the police were investigating the three men in Monrovia, the seat of the Liberia National Police and while undergoing probe, it was reported that the men allegedly escaped during the early morning hours.

TO DATE, THERE have been no trace of the escapees but reports filtering out of the LNP say, the detainees who were being investigated for multiple crimes could be armed and dangerous because they allegedly escaped without any trace of breakage.

THE MEN WHO are classified as ‘wanted’ by the security authority in the country were said to have been in police custody for 15 days before their escape from the national headquarters.

THIS IS MIND-BOGGLING and we demand that the police explain what happened exactly on that early morning that led to the disappearance of the men considered as ‘hard core’ criminals from their watchful security eyes with their whereabouts unknown.

THE POLICE MUST explain because it beats our imagination to comprehend that with all those security personnel working twenty-four-seven and considering the proximity of the action, the police is brave to even tell the public that the men are dangerous yet again say that they are calling on the public to give information about their whereabouts of any.

ALL WE ARE saying is that the police must explain what is happening because it sounds like the police are taking the incident as being trivial and forgetting that it puts the safety of the public at risk because those named individuals are said to have committed the acts in Grand Gedeh County and so it is probably possible that nobody in Monrovia might even recognize them.

ALREADY THE NEWS of Ebola outbreak is frustrating our people and taking a toll on the fragile economy as well as the rising armed robbery cases since the curfew was imposed therefore it is unthinkable that the police cannot use this time to be rigid with the hard core criminals as their sign of joining the fight against Ebola instead they are leashing such individuals out on the public to be confronted with.

THE POLICE KNOWING the history of the detainees could not handle just three and that for us, signifies an act of shame on the part of the police and to say that they are still searching for their whereabouts is a sign of weakness and poses a question that needs not just answer but detailed explanation.

THE POLICE MUST explain so that our people can breathe some air of relief because if criminals can escape under the supervision of police at its national headquarters without breaking any part of the holding facility, then what more can we imagine are happening in the counties or rural parts of the country?