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Fake Health Ministry Employee Arrested

An unidentified man imposing as a procurement employee of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare was yesterday arrested for allegedly trying to dupe the Kings and Queens Supermarket on Benson Street.

According to the store manager, the unidentified man walked in the store with order forms for the items that he wanted to procure as the Minister of Health was waiting to sign the check for the goods.

The store manager who wants to remain anonymous said that the unidentified man wanted cartons of the disinfectants for what he thought was for anti-Ebola work at the ministry.

He said what made him become suspicious of the man was that on the list of items was five cartons of Nescafe and it’s impossible to sell the coffee in such bulk. He said it was then that he asked the man to identify himself but the man said he left his ID card home.

It is gathered that while “store boys” were trying to gather the items to be given to the man, the store manger secretly called the police.

Sources said that by then the imposture noticed that the manager had invited the police and attempted to escape but was arrested.



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