WE-CARE Foundation Launches “Waiting Out The Ebola Crisis”

WE-CARE Foundation, a local educational non- for- profit organization on Thursday, September 17, 2014 launched its Ebola response program named “WAITING OUT THE EBOLA CRISIS.” During the launching ceremony in the Township of West Point, the Foundation distributed over 100 parcels of assorted educational materials including flyers on the prevention of Ebola.

Speaking to team of reporters, WE-CARE’s Executive Director, T. Michael Weah, said the program is aimed at distributing over 10, 000 packages containing Ebola prevention fliers, bumper stickers, books, copy books and pencils. This is in direct response to schools remaining closed and the need for the children to keep learning as we all wait for the containment of the deadly Ebola disease.

Meanwhile, Mr. Weah noted that the distribution is targeting 10,000 households in economically challenged communities in urban and rural Liberia. He stressed that it will be addressing the immediate need for awareness and information that are desperately needed to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

“The packages will provide information how to keep safe from Ebola, and will help keep our children off the streets from crowds and help them read and learn, as they await the end of the Ebola crisis and the opening of school,” Mr. Weah said.

WE-CARE Foundation presently works in the areas of training teachers, writers, illustrators, librarians, establishing libraries, and publishing culturally relevant children books through its Reading Liberia Program. The Foundation operates the WE-CARE Library, on Carey & Gurley Streets, with all services free including the Internet. Today, as a result of the Ebola crisis, the library is closed to the public.