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Muslim Leaders Call On Liberians To Abide By Ebola Measures

Muslims worldwide have climaxed the celebrations of their Islamic ritual known as EID al-Adha which comes once a year after the Hajj where Muslims all over the world slaughter animals as a sacrifice to   Allah according to a mandate as per the Holy Koran.

Eid al-Adha which is also known as the “Feast of the Sacrifice” is the second of two major Eid Muslims’ holidays which begins on the evening of 3rd October each year based on the lunar Islamic calendar and end up to the 13th of the same lunar month.

Thousands of Muslims worldwide are always set to celebrate this festival, which commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of submission to God (Allah), and signifies the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and that was also why Liberian Muslims in the country joined the congregating at the various Mosques around the country.

Muslims who have the means sacrifice cows, lambs, goats, rams or other animals on Eid al- Adha to commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham, to give the meat to the poor and according their Islamic tradition, the third of the meat is eaten by immediate family and friends, one third is given to friends and one third is donated to the needy.

Delivering the meditation at the Gurley Street Mosque, Sheikh Abukar Sumawolo, the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Liberia, cautioned all Muslims to be obedient to Allah as well as the constituted authorities by obeying all the instructions and to also be submissive to government’s pronouncements regarding the running of the state.

He urged all Muslims to take the preventative measures announced by health authorities seriously in the fight against the Ebola outbreak because it is intended to save lives and reiterated health warnings to stop the shaking of hands, hugging and touching dead bodies during this health crisis.

According to the Muslim Cleric, he advised them to sacrifice animals that are physically fit without deformity because Allah deserves the best and pointed out that Abraham was an obedient servant to Allah for which the day needs to be celebrated by all Muslims.

Also, the Imam of the Clara Town Fanima number one Mosque, Imam Mansaray, who is head of the twelve-member missionary under African Continent Committee of Kuwait engaged in the propagation of Islam indicated that “Abraham’s Day”(Eid al-Adha) is being celebrated Worldwide by Muslims following the tradition of the Prophet Abraham and subsequently Prophet Muhammad.

Imam Abdullah Mansaray used the ceremony to congratulate the President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her government for the vigorous campaign in the fight against the Ebola virus in the country.

Addressing an attentive cross section of Muslims in a sermon after the Eid al- Adha prayer at that Mosque, Imam Mansaray dismissed claims by some Liberians calling for the resignation of President Sirleaf in the midst of this mysterious disaster that has engulfed the country and the sub region.

He said the Islamic community will not support such act terming it as unfortunate, unpatriotic and unprecedented at this time to poise for such stance.

He urged Liberians to desist from these untimely political irregularities and concentrate on how this deadly crisis can be eliminated and further admonished Liberians to be patriotic and not to engage into any situation that will hinder the progress of the nation but to rather join the government to fight this regional crisis.

Sheikh Mansaray also stressed that Ebola is not for any specific individual or selected people but that one can only survive if acknowledgeable of its reality and adhere to the necessary precautions.

He said the government has done and is making frantic efforts to kick this virus out of the country and stressed that the citizens should give the government chance to do its work peacefully as no one was planning for any calamity to befall this country.

The Imam of the Clara Town Fanima number one Mosque is therefore calling on Muslims to pray sincerely to Allah and cooperate with the government in the fight against the virus.

Imam Abdulla Mansaray has also lauded the International partners and the US President, Barrack Obama for acknowledging and soliciting support around world leaders at the extraordinary session of United Nations General Assembly on the gravity of the Ebola situation in the West African sub region.

He termed it as a ‘plus’ especially for Liberia against political discrepancies amongst some unscrupulous individuals that the United States has come to take over the government and added that it’s about time that Liberians refine their mentality and provide developmental ideas to have this vicious cankerworm virus vanquished, Kingston S. Kolleh, writes.



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