LTA Engages Broadcast Media On New Regulations

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority met with broadcast media executives in a public consultation hearing on Friday to get input on the proposed new license fee regulations that will come into effect in January 2015.

The Authority’s Chairperson Angelique Weeks along with all four Commissioners and some staff gave Radio and television executives an opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback.

The hearing brought about 30 broadcast executives together to carefully go through the new regulations which include an increase in the present fee structure but will provide better management of the nation’s scarce spectrum resources.

There were suggestions from executives that engineers who install transmitters be registered and approved by the LTA to promote uniformity and adherence to frequency regulations which is a central part of compliance. Frequency management was an area that drew spirited discussion.

LTA Chairperson said, “Participants provided valuable input for us to take back and consider and see what changes are needed. This is how the LTA operates, not in a vacuum but engaging the entities that our regulations will affect.”

In a few weeks the LTA will engage GSM and other ICT Providers in a similar manner to get their input on the new GSM fee structure which shifts from a flat rate to performance based, encourages innovation by allowing one license for multiple ICT applications and removes market entry barriers to allow more Liberians to afford to participate in the sector.