Implement Those Laws!

THE NATIONAL LEGISLATURE on Thursday of last week passed into law an act to amend Chapter 38 of the law creating the Ministry of Gender and Development to now be called the Ministry of Gender, Children and Society Protection.

THE PASSAGE OF the law was made a reality when the House of Representatives concurred with the Liberian Senate to revisit Chapter 30 of the Executive law which brought into existence the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

THE HOUSE’S CHAIRPERSON on Gender and Children Development, Representative Marima Fofana supported the bill at the House of Representatives on grounds that the Social Welfare component of the Ministry of Health has been dormant since its existence.

EVEN THOUGH THE discussion did not place emphasis on whether or not the development component of the Ministry of Gender for which it should be squashed is dormant too, the bill seeks to place vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized groups under the authority of one institution of government for proper coordination of women and children affairs and welfare in the country.

WITH THE APPROVAL from the Executive Branch of government, the law will be an amendment that will ensure that national policy formulation, resource allocation, development planning and implementation are impacted by the perspectives and actions of both men and women.

RECENTLY, PRESIDENT ELLEN Johnson-Sirleaf announced the signing into law of another act, this time on land and this law was signed since August 26, 2014.The land law is an amendment of Chapter 15 sub chapter B, Section 15.21 of the Penal Law.

AGAIN, WE REMIND ourselves of the old aged pattern in Liberia that has made the public to believe that the government is fond of passing many good laws; most of which, when implemented would have placed our country in a better and or prepared state to deal with its internal issues.

WE HOPE THAT as those logical instruments are being formulated and passed into law with several amendments, those policies will match the day-to-day realities of what the drafters hope to have achieved by its passage.

IT IS NO secret that our government’s implementation mechanisms are very weak and pose serious threat to the exactitude of the future achievement and thus lose the public trust.

WE HAIL THE passage of good laws where punitive actions are enshrined therein to deal with would-be violators but we urge the drafters to follow up on the implementation aspect so that their documents cannot form part of the already complied documents.

IF THE LAWS are handled as per urgency, it would put to halt any would-be or planned ideology of individuals who would assist in putting this government and future governments on track. And to the drafters, we salute you for even placing such documents forth because we believe some are there to correct the government as well as benefit the public.