Many Donate To KONDDA Ebola Fight

The Kongba District Development Association (KONDDA) Ebola Task Force Team has received some preventive materials for onward distribution to the District.

According to the Chairman of the Task Force, Mr. Sando B. George stated in a mass citizens meeting on Sunday that some prominent citizens of the District and Gbarpolu County made donations in cash and kinds to help their people back home in the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus.

Mr. George said this is the District Development organization own way of buttressing government effort in containing the epidemic which has claimed hundreds of lives across the Mano River Region.

Chairman George further stated that about 40 forcers buckets and a cartoon of large bottle of chloride were received by KONDDA.

“We want to encourage the contribution of the citizens of the District both in and out of Liberia to help create the awareness within the district”, he said.

He said those who provided the materials include Mr. Joseph M. Matthew, Jr., Mr. Amadou Bah-Diamond Broker, Senator J.S.B. Theodore Momo, Jr., Mr. Gbonojeveh S. Quiah and citizens of the district residing in Monrovia.

He puts the cost of the materials to around US700.00.

Meanwhile, the Chirman of the Kongba District Development Association (KONDDA) Mr. Sando Brown has called on all citizens hailing from Kongba, investors within the district, politicians, County officials and humanitarians to join them in the Ebola fight by assisting them with preventive materials and cash to transport them to the district for distribution.

“At this time we need everyone of you support to help save our people back home from this killer disease”, he warns.

The Kongba District Development Association (KONDDA) is the development arm of the Kongba District, Gbarpolu County.