Bomi County Org Trains 50 Health Workers Today

A private-voluntary organization, Bomi Citizens Against Ebola (BCAE), will Saturday, October 4, train 50 community-based health practitioners across Bomi County at workshops to be held simultaneously at Jenneh No. 3 and Sueh town.

BCAE Steering Committee Chairman, Mr. Kederick Johnson, said the workshops, which are being conducted in consultation with the County Heath Team and Ebola Task Force, will train or upgrade the health workers’ knowledge and skills to perform contact tracing, surveillance and community education in the county to help curb the spread of Ebola. The workshops will be conducted by Ugandan doctors and Bomi County health care professionals.

“Bomi County is one of the hardest hit areas in the country and citizen participation is critical to eradicating the disease,” noted Dr. Zobong Norman, BCAE’s program implementation and resource mobilization committee chair.

Organized recently under the leadership of Mr. Kederick Johnson, BCAE recently donated nearly US$1,000 worth of Ebola-related sanitation and hospital materials, including chlorine, clorax, buckets with faucets, mattresses and fuel to the Bomi County Ebola Task Force and Health Team.

Two weeks ago, BCAE, collaborated with some of Liberia’s leading gospel artists, including Bomi County Denise Karnley-Jomah, on a successful fund raiser at the United Pentecostal Church in Monrovia.

Following a series of citizen and official meetings and assessment visits to Bomi, BCAE has formulated a strategic action plan, containing a number of intervention activities with the goal of reducing the Ebola infection rate in the county to Zero percent in the next three months. The contact tracers’workshopsare part of the strategic action plan, which is being integrated into the overall county Ebola response strategy. BCAE will give US$50 monthly stipend to each trained contact tracer to supplement the county’s Ebola incentive package.

Meanwhile, BCAE will also be formally launched tomorrow. The organization meets regularly at the Making Entreprises offices of Mr. Sam Gotomo on Benson Street.