Rock Spring Community Hard Hit With Ebola Cases…Launches Community Ebola Task Force

By Lincoln Barcon (cub Reporter)

Over the weekend, residents of the Rock Spring Community which has been one of the hard hit communities of the deadly Ebola virus launched its Ebola Task Force and conducted a one-day workshop to enlighten citizens on the danger of the deadly Ebola virus.

According to the community Chairman, Mr. Joseph Kannah said this Ebola Task Force will work in collaboration with the district’s Ebola Task Force and the National Ebola Task Force to enhance the smooth operation of the Health team.

Mr. Kannah disclosed that the Rock Spring Community has been affected greatly by this deadly Ebola virus with about 16 deaths and over 80 persons quarantined in the community.

Speaking during the program, Mr. Kannah said residents who attended the workshop should consider themselves as ambassadors in telling others the danger of the Ebola virus and also expressed his concerns about stigmatizing those who were considered Ebola suspects but later released by the Health team in the various communities.

The ceremony which was expected to have been graced by some top officials of Government, Businessmen and women was poorly attended at the G.W. Gibson High school on the Capitol By-Pass in Monrovia.

Bishop Emmanuel Jones, a launcher at the ceremony said the Ebola virus is not a political issue but a national health crisis that everybody needs to take the initiative to sensitize other people and avoid the issue of denying that the virus exists.

Bishop Jones, making a contribution of USD200 to the community Ebola Task Force said he is willing to work with them to help sustain the over 80 persons who were considered Ebola suspects but has already been quarantined by the Ministry of Health.

Speaking during the launch, Representative Acarous Gray said, “More than 16 people are believed to have died from the current epidemic in the Rock Spring Community, 88 already quarantined and three deaths amongst health workers in the district.”

Representative Acarous Gray arrived at the end of the launch lauded residents of the Rock Spring Community for launching an Ebola Task Force.

He added that it is regrettable, frustrating and disheartening to see some residents in his district who are still involved with sporting activities and social gathering and not following the preventive measures provided by the Ministry of Health to protect them against the deadly Ebola virus.

Representative Gray said last Thursday the District Ebola Task Force was also launched to enhance remote and quarantine communities to get food and clean water and that will also help to carry on some sanitization efforts to assist reduce the spread of the deadly Ebola virus that is claiming the lives of many people in district 8.

Representative Gray pledged 15,000 Liberian dollars as a support to the community Ebola Task Force which was to be picked up yesterday but said the proceeds for the launch should be used for the intended purpose and not for personal gain.