Re-opening Of Schools Remains Uncertain…Task Force Says Response On Ebola Improves

By Timothy T. Seaklon

The Ministry of Education is uncertain about the reopening of schools which has been closed as a result of the Ebola outbreak in the country. Assistant Education Minister for Early Childhood Education, Madam Felicia Doe Somah, told a news conference yesterday that the Ministry of Education has no control as to when schools will be opened.

However she noted that the Ministry was working on the new calendar for the opening of schools and planning a new curriculum that will come into force immediately when schools are ordered open by the government.

She said the new calendar will include the washing of hands at school campuses and further disclosed that efforts are underway for regular cleaning of school buildings.

Madam Doe Somah said this will be done to ensure that when schools are ordered open, students will return on campuses that are environmentally safe.

She stressed that the Ministry is working to refurbish schools, provide teachers with Ebola awareness and train members of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) to cope with the opening of schools after a prolonged closure.

The Education Ministry official also disclosed that a meeting is being planned for this Thursday following which the result of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) will be released.

Minister Somah said the Ministry is in the process of introducing a community learning program on radio which will not only benefit school going children but the general public and initiate some psycho- social counseling.

She also told the news conference held at the Ministry of Information that the Ministry of Education intends to supply schools with anti-Ebola materials which will enable them sanitize school buildings.

Also speaking at the news conference, the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA) Madam Mary Broh disclosed that the call-center which is located at the compound of the GSA is getting better and responding quickly to calls and inquiries coming to the center.

Madam Broh who is a member of the National Ebola Task Forces said to further speed up the response process, the health team, members of the Red Cross that is responsible for burial are all located near the call-center in the compound of the GSA.

Madam Broh also informed the public that the distribution of food to quarantine centers is ongoing in a very satisfactory manner and noted that whenever the food in stock is distributed, the World food program always replenish.