Col. Abraham Kromah Pledges Support To Community Watch Team

Pinket A. Scott (Intern UMU)

The Deputy Director of the Liberia National Police Col. Abraham S. Kromah has pledged his support to the TB Annex community watch team.

Speaking at a general meeting of the Community dwellers on Sunday, the Deputy Director noted that a ‘Community Watch Team’ is a respectable organization aimed at discouraging criminal activities in the community.

Col. Kromah said there are three major things that the community leaders need to take into consideration and with these things they will have a harmless community.

He stated further that a community needs to get rid of ghettos by recognizing them and called upon the LNP to get it out of the area, something he described as a place that keeps criminals most especially those jobless people who are drug addicts.

He said that each one should know his or her neighbor and everyone should be inquisitive to know who is coming in the community because most of the time, criminals are entertained by members of the community.

The deputy director encouraged the community dwellers and watch team to stop mob violence and report all criminal cases to the police for investigation.

Mr. Jerry Peul, who is the Community Chairman, praised Col. Kromah for paying a visit for the first time to his Community by encouraging watch team members and community dwellers to protect and keep the community safe.

The Chairman added that residents of the community should cooperate with their leaders to support the watch team to protect their community and that the team members are making sacrifices to stay awake and watch over the community therefore each family should contribute towards the project.

Also speaking at the meeting, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody, who is a resident of the community said community dwellers should take the Ebola virus as a serious issue and do everything to keep the community safe as it is. He observed that the TB Annex community is one of the fortunate communities that have not experienced any case of the virus.