Rights Group Backs Commerce Ministry On Maro-Salt Consumption

Having conducted a thorough and comprehensive probe into grave claims by some members of the public through the print media, carried by the In profile daily newspaper editions of Tuesday September 16, 2014 and Wednesday September 24,2014 respectively titled: “Deadly salt” and Maro-iodised salt contains particles”, as well as Official laboratory test result of the Maro Salt in question conducted by the Ministry of Commerce as of September 24, 2014 under the supervision of laboratory Director Steven Y. Mambu predicated on a complaint dated September 23rd 2014, the above mentioned civil Society institution wants to inform the general Public that its own independent laboratory analysis done on the salt validates result of the Commerce Ministry that the salt is fit for consumption and has poses no risk to consumers as claimed by those whose position was carried in two separate editions of the highly respectable inprofile daily newspaper; publications which have raised fears of concerns in the minds of the consuming public.

Furthermore, we would like to make it exceedingly clear that the Commerce Ministry is, as best as we know it, cognizant of its constitutional duty to the Liberian people and would no day conduct itself in ways that jeopardize/compromise the health and safety of its people.

The information being published that the ministry has failed to examine consumers goods before letting out in the public for consumption is baseless, malicious, blackmailing and has the proclivity to bring the ministry and its hardworking staff to unwarranted public discredit, while making it less likely for entities to continue doing business with the Ministry.

In conclusion, the above mentioned institution seizes this opportunity to categorically condemn all those involve in this Blatant act of Blackmailing through the usage of sprouting out unfounded claims which have the tendency to instill deadly fear in the gullible public for the sole purpose of extorting money and benefits from well placed trusted Government Officials and reliable Entrepreneurs of the Liberian Society.

The right group call on any concerned members of the public who doubted this independent verification of ours relative to the Maro-salt, proof of which was carried by an Inquirer Newspaper publication and other credible sources, to conduct a follow-up probe with the sole intent of validating or negating our laboratory results on which we base our arguments against claims that the salt is chemically unfit for consumption and has led to the demise of a person after its consumption as claimed by a Lady from Pipeline named Theresa Gbawee.