Nimba Officials Endorse Houses’ Vote Of No Confidence Decision

Information emanating from Nimba County says district commissioners, city mayors and youths from across the county have endorsed the recent decision taken by the House of Representatives to declare vote of no confidence in two Nimba officials.

Recently the House of Representative passed a ‘Vote of No Confidence” in Nimba County Superintendent, Fong G. Zuagele and his Assistant Superintendent for Development, Teeko Yorlay for allegedly violating the budget law and gross disrespect to members of the Legislature.

According to a reliable source, Superintendent Zuagele and his assistant upon their return to Nimba following the decision of the House of Representatives on Tuesday arranged a meeting with commissioners and mayors of the county to craft a resolution pledging their support to them in order to be submitted to the President during her pending visit to the county.

The meeting, according to our informer, was planned to be held behind closed door but was later opened to public due to the youths’ demand.

The meeting which was held in Seclapea on Saturday, September 27, 2014 ended in deadlock due to the commissioners’ and mayors’ disagreement in signing a resolution supporting the Superintendent and the assistant Superintendent. According to our source, the mayors and commissioners said they cannot sign any resolution that will contradict the decision of their lawmakers. Our source said,the commissioners and mayors instead of signing a resolution to support the two local county officials, endorsed the recent decision reached by the House of Representatives.

Report says all efforts by the superintendent and his assistant in convincing the commissioners and mayors to sign a resolution of complete confidence in the Zuagele’s leadership failed. Accordingly, our source disclosed that some youth groupings in support of Zuagele and Yorlay caused commotion in the meeting because the commissioners and mayors were not in line with their plan to protect the Superintendent and his assistant by signing the resolution that will contradict the House’s decision.

According to a local journalist in Seclapea, the elders, chiefs and youths who attended the meeting said they were in full support of the plenary’s decision. The local journalist said, some chiefs and elders of the county expressed disappointment in the way and manner the county is been managed. The local journalist via telephone told this medium that the commissioners, mayors, elders and chiefs of the county said they prefer a Superintendent that will work in collaboration with the County Legislative Caucus.

At the same time, a group calling itself “concerned Nimbaians” under the leadership of Saye Mussah has also endorsed the Houses’ decision on the vote of no confidence. The group’s chairman, Saye Mussah in a telephone interview said Superintendent Zuagele and his Assistant Yorlay are stepping on development of the county.

He said over the past five to six months, marketers, university students and youths have been arrested and detained under the directive of Superintendent Zuagele.

The group chairman Mussah revealed that the people of Nimba are in total support of the Houses’ decision. He intoned that the young people of Nimba including the chiefs and elders have resolved to have Superintendent Zuagele and his assistant out of the county in order to allow smooth development in the county.

He said the county cannot count on any tangible implemented projects under the leadership of Zuagele.

According to him, the administration of Zuagele has brought more confusion in the county as compare to past superintendents. He described his administration as the worst administration the county has ever had.

When contacted, Sanniquellie City Mayor, Mary Nyan Gonlepa, she confirmed the holding of the meeting in Seclapea but later said she could not comment further on the outcome of meeting.