LBS Off The Air For Fuel

The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), the nation’s broadcaster, has been off the air owing to the lack of fuel to run the station.

For the past three days, there have been concerns in the public about the operation of the station as it has not been on the air, especially at this time of efforts to curtail the Ebola virus which, has claimed the lives of many Liberians.

Many of those who spoke to this paper on the issue said it is saddened to note that a station which has received commendations from the public about its role in the fight against the disease would be off because of the lack of fuel to operate.

It has been gathered that the lack of support from the government is responsible for the intermittent operation of the station, as the government has not been able to meet its side of the budget for the smooth operation of the station.

In its investigation into situation at the station, this paper gathered that the staff of the station of the system became active recently because of assistance from the Chinese government and that those sub-stations have also been affected because of the situation at the main station in Paynesville.

The Director General of the station, Ambrose Nmah yesterday confirmed to this paper that the station is off the air because of the lack of fuel to operate.

Asked what was being done, he said nothing the management can do now in the absence of fuel to operate the station. “The moment we get the necessary fuel, the station will be back on the air,” he assured.