MARO Salt Safe For Human Consumption…GOL Refutes Rumor

The National Standards Laboratory, used by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that authenticates if a consumable commodity is good for human consumption has certified that Maro Iodized Salt has met all food safety standards.

The Maro Iodized Salt was said not to be good for human consumption, a situation which led to the Commerce Ministry ordering of a chemical and laboratory test on the commodity.

However, according to the result of the laboratory test dated September 19, 2014, a full microbiological and chemical parameters were investigated following reference sample, met all food safety standards.

The test result which was compiled in a report signed by Mr. Stephen Y. Mambu, laboratory Director and submitted to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Inspector General Alphajour Ahmed Bah also indicated that the salt has also met the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) regulation CODEXSTAN150-1985, Revised 1-1997.

The report noted that, “based on the result of the test conducted, the sample Maro Iodized salt met all quality criteria and is fit for consumption.”

In recent time it was rumor that a certain entity had imported the Maro Iodized salt which was unfit for human consumption and as a result was causing the loss of lives.