Villagers Inc. Embarks On Ebola awareness…Distributes Hygienic Materials To Old Folks

Villagers Inc., a local women organization operating in the country has embarked on an Ebola awareness campaign in Bardnersville outside Monrovia.

Considering the potential threat that the Ebola virus poses to the existence of human beings in the country the Villagers over the weekend began a door-to-door Ebola awareness campaign in the Kebbeh Community outside the Bardnersville Estate.

Speaking at the launch of the awareness campaign, Madam Dee-Zoe Lake, Founder of the organization disclosed that the group was established six years ago purposely to cater to the needs of the elderly in society. Madam Lake said the fight against the deadly Ebola virus requires concerted efforts of every segment of the society.

Against this backdrop, Madam Lake said the Villagers has decided to carry out Ebola awareness from door-to-door intended to sensitize the old people about the universal precautionary measures which she described as regular hand-washing, not to touch dead bodies and to be aware of symptoms such as severe headache, vomiting including running stomach among others.

She reminded residents of the community that it is important for the old folks to be knowledgeable about the disease because the old folks are the ones who remain at home with the children daily.The Founder of the Villagers Inc., also intimated that her organization will use the various Liberian vernaculars when carrying out the exercise so that the message can be understood in order for them to also pass it on to the children.

“We will give one Ebola bucket, Clorax, soap as well as rice with little cash as our own way of identifying with the old folks during this health crisis,” Madam Lake said.Speaking further, the founder of the organization pointed out that the Villagers Incorporated intends to carry out the campaign weekly with the availability of needed resources.

Upon receiving his bucket and other sanitary materials from the Villagers Inc., OldmanTinko Borbor said, “This is the bucket I’ve been looking for; thank God for the women.” At the end of the exercise, those who were sensitized expressed gratitude to the women for the initiatives and urged them to continue the good work.

For her part, Sodey C. Lake, a member of the organization emphasized that the old people can also play a pivotal role in eradicating the pestilence from the land. The Directress of Nursing at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Regional Referral Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County stated that the Villagers Incorporated was contemplating on taking the Ebola awareness at a district level in the county and to also make it a national effort so as to benefit others.

She however paid homage to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf whom she said visited the Villagers and took a membership card thus declaring her membership to the organizationfor her support in the past.

Madam Sodey Lake also expressed gratitude to Vice President, Joseph Boakai, the Managing Director of NASSCORP, Dewitt Von Ballmoos, Momo Bright also of NASSCORP as well as Board Member Bobby Brown of the Villagers Incorporated and all Villagers who made contributions toward the success of the awareness.